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RSA | A Dallas Security Company

Dallas Security Company Reynolds Security 1601 Elm Street, Dallas TX 75201
Dallas security company bodyguards in dallas Reynolds Security security company dallas

What better way to enforce your property's rules and assist your patrons, than a licensed and trained RSA Security Guard in Dallas. 

Or perhaps an Armed Guard for certain areas of Dallas that showcase an intimidating look of Armed Security dressed in black combat attire. 

See why local businesses have come to trust  our firm and what makes a our locally owned Dallas security company the right choice for you.




Dallas Security Company Reynolds Security 1601 Elm St, Dallas, TX 75201

"Going out in public can be hectic when you're in the spotlight. Chad and the RSA Team are easy to work with and always accommodating. They have become like family."

- Dak Prescott

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​The  RSA Bodyguard team has been featured on numerous reality show and in magazines. Read about our team and see how we can assist you. 

Greeting your tenants with a Suit, tie and a friendly demeanor; choose your locally owned Dallas security company, RSA, to handle your Concierge needs.

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