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"We would like to thank you for the wonderful job your  team did with the security of President Musharraf during his visit to Dallas..."

Raza Bookari
OGPM, North American

"Mr. Reynolds, thanks for being by my side while I was in Dallas. Always in good hands."

- Juicy J

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We have partnered with Chad and his team the last two years. We trust them to have their eye on our Dallas Stars players. We highly recommend Chad and his team.

- Jessica Dunn
Executive Director

"We've used Reynolds Protection for our client Eva Longoria when she attended events in Texas...  We felt confident in their expertise and abilities."

The Anderson Group PR

...escort them home to pack belongings.

...escort them to and from court proceedings.

...escort their child to supervised visitations. an Armed Guard standing at residence


Often we have to turn away victims because they don't have the money to afford our Services. If you or your company would like to contribute to a victims fees, please call us. Your donation will go strait to our bodyguard's pay. Not into our profit margin.

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You may know from numerous Reality TV shows, the CBS news and countless magazine articles, that our world famous Bodyguard team is what put the Reynolds Family on the map. Led by Chad Reynolds, this powerful team of bodyguards have faced situations that you thought was only in the movies. Chad founded Reynolds Protection 13 years ago, while his wife, Christy, formed a RSA to focus on different niche of Security.  Chad found tremendous success as one of Texas' most recognizable bodyguard firms in Reynolds Protection. In only 10 years, his firm had a growing list of clientele that includes nearly 100 celebrities, High ranking CEOs, Texas' power Attorneys and Foreign Dignitaries.

Chad has since closed Reynolds Protection to solely focus on managing the Executive Protection and Bodyguard team here at his wife's Company, RSA! Chad and his wife Christy, now have a team of nearly 40 Licensed Bodyguards.

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You’re being abused. You want to leave, but you’re too afraid to take the leap.  And it seems none of your friends want to get involved.

RSA wants to help you move on with your life. Protecting the  Rich and the Famous is not what we are exclusively about. We are about one thing – Protecting Lives.

Whether it’s escorting you to your home to pack your belongings, escorting you into the Divorce Court or even standing guard outside your home – You can rest easily knowing that we are here for you. Our officers are trained in sensitivity and we handle all assignments with extra caution to never provoke, anger or bully the alleged suspect.

"Mr. Reynolds, you did an excellent job taking care Sofia at the party and at the airport... Thanks for

PR - Manager

Going out in public can be hectic when you're in the spotlight. Chad and the RSA team are always easy to work with and accommodating. They have become like family.